When you talk about Singapore to someone who has been here they would directly pour in words like Orchard, Shopping, GSS, Bugis, Little India, China Town, Sentosa. YES! they are all great in their own ways, but how many of you might have traveled to the suburban, trust me is something to really experience.


Huge number of blocks(buildings) stacked one after another, named mostly in three digit numbers, each one with a different color theme, some with attractive drawings.

You will see how we are pampered with just too may things made too easy:

“mama” shop underneath most of the blocks, you don’t have to run to the nearest supermarket to buy your urgent groceries.
– An open, free basket ball and badminton court in every area. 10 Blocks : 1 Basket ball court, Parks for kids, open gym, community centers with affordable classes.
– Not forgetting our Markets in every area. Is mostly huge, you name it and you get it right in this markets: wet market, NTUC, Cake Shops, huge Food courts, hardware shops, computer shops, phone shops, salon, photo printing, photocopy machine, ATMs every where, cloths, flowers, gift shop. WOW. The list is long dude!
– There are Shopping malls at every MRT stations. This makes shopping easy for people living around the area.
– The most easy and affordable MRT service  to any place in Singapore.
– private and public buses to all the places near and far.
– In a rush, you have more than one option: Taxi, Grab or Uber. 


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