When you talk about Singapore to someone who has been here they would directly pour in words like Orchard, Shopping, GSS, Bugis, Little India, China Town, Sentosa. YES! they are all great in their own ways, but how many of you might have traveled to the suburban, trust me is something to really experience.


Huge number of blocks(buildings) stacked one after another, named mostly in three digit numbers, each one with a different color theme, some with attractive drawings.

You will see how we are pampered with just too may things made too easy:

“mama” shop underneath most of the blocks, you don’t have to run to the nearest supermarket to buy your urgent groceries.
– An open, free basket ball and badminton court in every area. 10 Blocks : 1 Basket ball court, Parks for kids, open gym, community centers with affordable classes.
– Not forgetting our Markets in every area. Is mostly huge, you name it and you get it right in this markets: wet market, NTUC, Cake Shops, huge Food courts, hardware shops, computer shops, phone shops, salon, photo printing, photocopy machine, ATMs every where, cloths, flowers, gift shop. WOW. The list is long dude!
– There are Shopping malls at every MRT stations. This makes shopping easy for people living around the area.
– The most easy and affordable MRT service  to any place in Singapore.
– private and public buses to all the places near and far.
– In a rush, you have more than one option: Taxi, Grab or Uber. 


This is an additional information for all girls….. check out girls, something i read online

calculate to know which are the fertile days for you, take the reading and note down your menstrual cycle for 5 months, The starting day (1st). then compare the days between your last day and the first day of next month for the 5 months. Take the least number and minus it with 18, take it as A. now take the largest number and minus it with 11, take it as B. now your fertile day will be from A to B. cool ha.

Eg :
5 readings = 27 , 28, 30, 31, 27

27 -18=9

so your fertile days are from the 9th to the 20th of the month.

epic Browser

Hi epic how you doing? Seems like you are new to this world. How do you like being here, How are you getting use to people pressing you, dragging you and clicking you?

Haha ok that’s enough nonsense! Well, people i was just talking to epic, the new internet browser launched by India. I just love it.

Though its a little cluttered they have every thing that i always wanted in a browser. Was just so amazed to look at all the functions provided, is just like someone read my mind and came up with it.

I always wanted browsers to have a todo list, notepad on its own where i can jot down immediate notes, reminder facility, specific folders to save my every day website links, to browse and to view videos at the same time, download any video i want etc etc. Am so surprised that epic has most of my wants!

You guys have got to try it!


I Love the phrase “Be Your Own Boss” is just such a great kick to think about it. I always wanted to be my own boss. Is just so cool to decide on your product, is your imagination, you market it and you win the game over all. Is all about YOU! I came across a website online which impressed me for its product and the owner.

‘Zopim’ is the company am talking about. They are 2+ years old, based in Singapore. Well Known for their Live Chat Software. I should say they are good and why am i impressed with the product owner? Just because they are all Young University grads. How great it would be to graduate and start a business stepping into the competitive enterpruners world! Good luck to you guys!

Well, If you have your own website, the first thought would be to market it. Then to check on how your marketing worked Right? To do so you would need a software which will track all the required information and present it when needed and in the way needed. Like to compare your web stats for 2 months? how about for 9 months? Don’t have to sit with a paper, pen and a calculator. All you need is to sing up with Zopim. Their stats is accurate and easy to understand. Sign up for the 14 days trail to experience the product.

Will you agree with me that any one would love to hear it from a human rather than going through pages & paragraphs? If so, you should have a live chat installed in your web site and a person to completely moniter and reply to the prompted questions from the public. Trust me your sales will boom just because they found the answer for their questions within a second, All ready to buy it because he needs it urgently. How does Zopim play a role here? Good question. Zopim has its own Live Chat Software. They will help you install it to your website. It will reside on the bottom right of your pages. Which will help give your page the ‘modern look’, ‘latest technology used feel’ & the ‘best customer service name.’

If i had a web page i would surely use this product to boost my business. Why i like it is also because its provided in a very affordable price. The price package is just too appealing & Affordable.

Every website should have an online chat facility and if you use/wish to use Zopim and think they are the best then drop me a note here.

Social Media Rock!

Was just wondering how internet has changed ones life. From papers & pencils to computer & mouse to internet & password to touchscreen to wireless to social media to ipad my god. Talking about social media its just so amassing on how so many people have worked and contributed to produce such stuff. Facebook, Twitter and You tube are the 3 words twitted by every human being these days. Am serious, a small kid as old as 3 yrs told me “why don’t you upload ya photo on facebook, its easy”. i guess is time these words get added to the dictionary. Everyone should be knowing the meaning of these words to live in this marketing world. The best part is every product on earth or newly introduced gets a free chance to advertise itself via social media sites as such. Which is a good news. There are jobs these day where you will need to help the company control their social media platforms. Cool ya! An ya i came across this site called HootSuite, so damid cool….. all ya social platform can be managed under one roof here. You can time ya post or save it as a draft. one thing i do not like about hootSuite is that their logo appears on my post… Hum thats ok they made my job easy an so my help to advertise them . All airlines have their own facebook accounts now, where it gets easy to connect with ya customer, get comments, sell products etc. I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA ! 🙂

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad, Do you get to choose them? Nope. Have you ever wished god had given you the choice? Well, let me ask you this, if god comes down and asks “Who would you want as your Mom & Dad”. What’s the percentage who would say their own parent’s name?

Will you choose your own parent’s? If you do then you are one of the happy kid in the world. My point here is, parents are our life examples, they teach you a lot of stuff, you gain knowledge listening to them, watching them and talking to them. If you had choosen “My parents” as the answer for my question then you would really really agree with me that you have learned a lot from them and have always loved their existence, help, advice and guidance, but, if your answer was something like “My friend Johns parents, My tuition teacher etc” then you are probably going to tell me “I didn’t learn anything from my parents, they always scolded me, beat me up, yell at me or nag till the dead end, they just don’t understand me!” I have something to tell you honey, you will still learn and have learnt from your parents a lot of things on ‘how a parent shouldn’t be’ am I right to say so? Which will in return help you treat your child better.

We all surely learn something from our parents, Take the good ones and drop the bad ones. Respect them always and have the heart to forgive and forget, they are your parents. If not you who are they going to earn, live and be a workaholic for? Greet them at least once a day, buy them something ones in a while, give them a big hug and say Thank You when you feel ‘This is life!’ Behind all your success you have a few people, remember the first 2 person will always be your parents, to have given birth to you.