I Love the phrase “Be Your Own Boss” is just such a great kick to think about it. I always wanted to be my own boss. Is just so cool to decide on your product, is your imagination, you market it and you win the game over all. Is all about YOU! I came across a website online which impressed me for its product and the owner.

‘Zopim’ is the company am talking about. They are 2+ years old, based in Singapore. Well Known for their Live Chat Software. I should say they are good and why am i impressed with the product owner? Just because they are all Young University grads. How great it would be to graduate and start a business stepping into the competitive enterpruners world! Good luck to you guys!

Well, If you have your own website, the first thought would be to market it. Then to check on how your marketing worked Right? To do so you would need a software which will track all the required information and present it when needed and in the way needed. Like to compare your web stats for 2 months? how about for 9 months? Don’t have to sit with a paper, pen and a calculator. All you need is to sing up with Zopim. Their stats is accurate and easy to understand. Sign up for the 14 days trail to experience the product.

Will you agree with me that any one would love to hear it from a human rather than going through pages & paragraphs? If so, you should have a live chat installed in your web site and a person to completely moniter and reply to the prompted questions from the public. Trust me your sales will boom just because they found the answer for their questions within a second, All ready to buy it because he needs it urgently. How does Zopim play a role here? Good question. Zopim has its own Live Chat Software. They will help you install it to your website. It will reside on the bottom right of your pages. Which will help give your page the ‘modern look’, ‘latest technology used feel’ & the ‘best customer service name.’

If i had a web page i would surely use this product to boost my business. Why i like it is also because its provided in a very affordable price. The price package is just too appealing & Affordable.

Every website should have an online chat facility and if you use/wish to use Zopim and think they are the best then drop me a note here.