epic Browser

Hi epic how you doing? Seems like you are new to this world. How do you like being here, How are you getting use to people pressing you, dragging you and clicking you?

Haha ok that’s enough nonsense! Well, people i was just talking to epic, the new internet browser launched by India. I just love it.

Though its a little cluttered they have every thing that i always wanted in a browser. Was just so amazed to look at all the functions provided, is just like someone read my mind and came up with it.

I always wanted browsers to have a todo list, notepad on its own where i can jot down immediate notes, reminder facility, specific folders to save my every day website links, to browse and to view videos at the same time, download any video i want etc etc. Am so surprised that epic has most of my wants!

You guys have got to try it! http://www.epicbrowser.com/