Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad, Do you get to choose them? Nope. Have you ever wished god had given you the choice? Well, let me ask you this, if god comes down and asks “Who would you want as your Mom & Dad”. What’s the percentage who would say their own parent’s name?

Will you choose your own parent’s? If you do then you are one of the happy kid in the world. My point here is, parents are our life examples, they teach you a lot of stuff, you gain knowledge listening to them, watching them and talking to them. If you had choosen “My parents” as the answer for my question then you would really really agree with me that you have learned a lot from them and have always loved their existence, help, advice and guidance, but, if your answer was something like “My friend Johns parents, My tuition teacher etc” then you are probably going to tell me “I didn’t learn anything from my parents, they always scolded me, beat me up, yell at me or nag till the dead end, they just don’t understand me!” I have something to tell you honey, you will still learn and have learnt from your parents a lot of things on ‘how a parent shouldn’t be’ am I right to say so? Which will in return help you treat your child better.

We all surely learn something from our parents, Take the good ones and drop the bad ones. Respect them always and have the heart to forgive and forget, they are your parents. If not you who are they going to earn, live and be a workaholic for? Greet them at least once a day, buy them something ones in a while, give them a big hug and say Thank You when you feel ‘This is life!’ Behind all your success you have a few people, remember the first 2 person will always be your parents, to have given birth to you.