Social Media Rock!

Was just wondering how internet has changed ones life. From papers & pencils to computer & mouse to internet & password to touchscreen to wireless to social media to ipad my god. Talking about social media its just so amassing on how so many people have worked and contributed to produce such stuff. Facebook, Twitter and You tube are the 3 words twitted by every human being these days. Am serious, a small kid as old as 3 yrs told me “why don’t you upload ya photo on facebook, its easy”. i guess is time these words get added to the dictionary. Everyone should be knowing the meaning of these words to live in this marketing world. The best part is every product on earth or newly introduced gets a free chance to advertise itself via social media sites as such. Which is a good news. There are jobs these day where you will need to help the company control their social media platforms. Cool ya! An ya i came across this site called HootSuite, so damid cool….. all ya social platform can be managed under one roof here. You can time ya post or save it as a draft. one thing i do not like about hootSuite is that their logo appears on my post… Hum thats ok they made my job easy an so my help to advertise them . All airlines have their own facebook accounts now, where it gets easy to connect with ya customer, get comments, sell products etc. I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA ! 🙂